Events at the Fokker Terminal from 5 june 2021

The Fokker Terminal in The Hague will host conferences and meetings again up to 200 guests in a 1.5 meter setting from 5 June. No entry test is required for these events. The first part of the hangar is stylishly decorated for catering and networking moments. In the second part of the hangar, a plenary setting is possible for up to 200 seats. Around the hangar there are 18 breakout rooms that can be used for workshops. Ask for the possibilities.

In addition to live events, the Fokker Terminal offers 3 webcast studios until october that differ in appearance, options and budget. We also offer 16 breakout rooms for online workshops and/or tailor-made productions. In our two largest studios it is also possible to welcome a live audience and scale up to hybrid events, if governmental measures allow. Our Eventmanagers love to connect to you for any advice which studio is most suitable for your intended setting and appearance. And thanks to our fiberoptic internet connection including backup, we are always assured of a high quality stream.

Safety first!
The Fokker Terminal always works according to the latest Covid-19 protocol Audio Visual Productions and protocol live events approved by the Dutch government. We comply with all safety conditions, such as mandatory guest registration, health check, extra cleaning rounds and hygienic catering. The location is decorated in accordance with social distance guidelines. The Fokker Terminal has a modern ventilation system in accordance with the latest building regulations and more than enough possibilities to open windows.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us any time!

Live conference

The power of face to face meetings!

  • 30 – 100 persons
  • Rapid scale up of capacity with further alleviation of the existing measurements
  • More than ample space for 1,5m social distancing for guests and crew, conform all mandatory measurements set by the National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM) and the Dutch National Government
  • Tasty catering compliant to the highest level of food safety and hygiene standards
  • Permanent set up of the complete venue including furniture, decoration and state of the art AV
  • 18 break out rooms with capacities between 12 and 40 persons, all fully set up

Live streaming

Widen your reach!

  • Permanent set up of the complete venue as your backdrop including 30-100 guests on site
  • Multicam live registration of your event
  • Including an online event platform in your event branding
  • Unlimited online viewers
  • Interactive tools such as polls and chat function
  • Online break out sessions with live Q&A


State of the art digital solutions!

  • Fully set up webcast studio in a professional setting
  • Technically equipped with multiple screens, projections, cameras and mixing equipment
  • Including stage, debating table and dynamic lighting
  • Available per half day session
  • Tailor made solutions available
  • Including technical support on-site and in preproduction and graphics

Live conference

We offer live conferences and business events up to 100 guests starting July 1st, in a safe and responsible way. We work conform all mandatory measurements set by the National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM) and the Dutch National Government


Our visitors make use of our cloakroom and registration area in a safe way. We use separate entrances and exits throughout the whole venue to prevent traffic from crossing. The toilets can also be reached through a separate entrance.

Catering / network area

With more than 750m2, our catering- and networking area provides more than ample space. Together with our catering partner ‘Mood4Food’ we offer unlimited use of our water bar and barista coffee service. This area is permanently set up with our own furniture, decoration, lighting and can be expended with extra corporate branding or for example partner- or demo booths.

All catering will be prepared, transported and served compliant to the highest level of food safety and hygiene standards. Lunch will be served in richly filled lunch bags. With our closing drinks, we offer a personal plate of snacks and bites for every guest. From hygiene perspective, we only use biodegradable disposables.

Plenary room

In this area we offer plenary sessions starting July 1st for a maximum of 100 participants. And off course, with further alleviation of the existing measurements we also offer a rapid scale up of capacity. This room is permanently fitted with seats, AV set consisting of a 7x4m projection screen, sound system, LED lighting and technical support on site.

Break out rooms

Next to our plenary area and catering area we offer 18 different break out rooms. With the measurements in effect from July 1st, these rooms differ in capacity between 12 and 40 persons. All break out rooms are fitted with own furniture and AV.

Live conference in combination with live streaming options (Hybrid Conference)

Looking for a wider reach of your event? We offer turn key streaming options. Your online delegates participate in the same way as your on site guests do. With the use of multiple cameras and interactive tools such as polling and chat functions, we offer a seamless integration between online and offline.

Webcasting (online conference)

Our biggest break out room, the ‘Motorruimte’ is permanently set up as webcast studio. This room, which is technically equipped by our AV partner ‘AVEQ’, comes with multiple screens, projections, cameras and mixing equipment for an impactful way of presenting your online content. The studio is equipped with a stage, debating table, dynamic lighting and also offers space for an audience of 30 persons. The webcast studio is also available separately from the Fokker Terminal and even for half-day sessions.

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