The Fokker Terminal currently offers 3 webcast studios that differ in look and feel, technical options and budget. We also offer 16 breakout rooms for online workshops and/or tailor-made productions. In our two largest studio’s it is also possible to welcome a live audience and scale up to hybrid events, if governmental measures allow. Our Eventmanagers love to connect with you for any advice on the most suitable solutions for your online plans. And thanks to our fiberoptic internet connection including 4G backup, we are always assured of a high quality stream.

If you don’t use your own preferred streaming or broadcast partner our technical supplier AVEQ is happy to provide you with all studio equipment, but also with an online event platform including interactive tools, networking options (even in a 3D-animated world), online registration and breakout options. Design and creation of your content, for example, intro clips, bumpers and instarts are also possible.



This studio is ideal for a talkshow setting or debate setup. In this studio we offer a Full HD background projection of 8 × 2.5 m, an extensive lighting plan, multiple content screens and of course a professional camera setup. A sidekick position is also available in this studio. With this extra position you increase the dynamic flow of your broadcast by, for example, launching polls or questions toyour viewers or facilitating a keynote presentation or entertainment.


Studio 2 is our latest addition to the online family. This space measures 8 x 8 meters and is equipped for smaller webcast productions up to 3 people. It offers a presentation desk for e.g. recording of training sessions, compact interview settings or product presentations. As a background we offer a full-width stretch frame including printed canvas with a choice of 3 existing images. Of course, a custom print is also possible. This room is also equipped with all necessary studio gear such as dynamic lighting, cameras and the option of dailing in external speakers and showing presentations and / or videos.


Are you looking for a studio that really makes an impact on screen? Or do you need loads of space for an extensive online program or large objects? Then choose our turn-key XL setting in studio 3. A former aircraft hangar as an impressive backdrop, including 7m high hangar doors as background. This allows you to combine many historical and industrial elements from the (aviation) history of the venue with ultramodern webcast technology. The basic setting for a talkshow or informal set-up can be extended with 1 or 2 sidekick positions for keynote presentation, extra speakers or entertainment. The basic set comes standard with several large screens for content, an extensive lighting plan, decoration and furniture. A total custom-made set, including a large custom-made decor, is also possible.



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